Get Involved!

If you are the parent or guardian of a swimmer, consider yourself a member of the Parent's Organization. Families don't just show their support from the sidelines at swim meets. They support the team with their generosity, their time and their commitment. Parental involvement is essential for the Storm to exist as a team.


Membership fees only go so far in organized team sports. In the past, team fundraising has made it possible for top swimmers to attend out-of-state championship meets, for holding dances and parties for the swimmers, making donations to local charities and purchasing jackets, bags, towels and end-of-season gifts for the swimmers. The current mindset of team leadership is that fundraising will be contained to special events such as swim-a-thons, and holding consession stands and raffles at home meets.


Properly trained individuals are always needed to officiate at swim meets. Parents of swimmers often find that becoming an offical is a great way to increase their level of involvement in the sport. In order to officiate, an individual must become certified. There are two levels of certification, Level I and Level II. You must have a current Level I certification in order to take Level II. The certification process is accomplished through a one day clinic held once a year in-state.

Some jobs which need to be filled at meets:

  • Timers (6 full time/6 part time)

  • Official's Table (2 score keepers, 1 buzzer ringer)

  • Runner (1 - to go between timers and Official's Table - lot's of energy required)

  • People to cook, bake and donate food and beverages and paper goods

  • Concession Stand Operators

  • Kid Wrangler (1 to find swimmers before their heat comes up)

  • Officials (Parents with knowledge and experience with competitive swimming are often needed to assist officiating at meets both home and away)

How parents help throughout the season:

  • Filling out 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons after each home meet.

  • Arranging for the selection and purchase of team gear and merchandise.

  • As official Treasurer to bring seed money to concession stands, maintain records of funds, and to deliver funds to the YMCA after meets.

  • Taking photographs for the web site, newspapers, and team bulletin board at meets and other events.

  • Submitting articles and photos to local papers.

  • Getting the word out about the team. Big teams win big.

  • Helping to arrange, and assisting with fundraisers and just-for-fun events for the team.



Liz Forgue

Aquatics Director - Taunton