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Everybody Swims, Everybody Wins!

*Note: The Old Colony YMCA Swim Team has formed two separate squads.  The North Team (Thunder) and South Team (Storm) will compete separately and consist of three branches each.

  • South Swim Team: East Bridgewater, Middleboro, Taunton 

  • North Swim Team: Brockton, Easton, Stoughton



Old Colony YMCA Swim Teams are open to any swimmer between the ages of 6 and 18.  The programs are designed for the novice through the National level swimmer.  Please note that Swim Team members MUST be members of the YMCA.


The Old Colony YMCA Swim Teams follow the strong YMCA philosophy of "Everybody Swims, Everybody Wins!"  OCY seeks to provide opportunities for social development through travel and meeting new people.  Team membership provides the opportunity to develop well-rounded swimmers, and for each individual to better oneself.

The overall development of each participant in the program is based on long-term goals so as to produce the most meaningful return at the end of the swimming investment.  We strive towards an ultimate goal of providing age-appropriate training that enables swimmers to reach their full potential while helping in the mental, emotional, and social development of all our swimmers.  Our goals are to develop within each swimmer the desire to succeed, a willingness to work hard, self-discipline and self-reliance, a sense of sportsmanship, and loyalty to other team members, the coaches, and to the YMCA.


The Swim Teams welcome all interested swimmers between the ages of 6 and 18, regardless of ability.  Membership is open to all persons who desire to participate in competitive swimming and who meet the requirements established by the coaches.  All Swimmers must be members of the YMCA, either through a Youth, Teen, or Family Membership.


Swimmers are expected to show a degree of commitment by participation in all aspects of the team, including practice, meets, fundraising. It is important to remember that the nature of the sport requires consistency and commitment to achieve a desired level at any age.  The level of commitment grows as a swimmer progresses through the various levels.

Sportsmanship and appropriate behavior are expected at all times.  Team and individual moral is an important part of our team.  Parents, coaches, and swimmers are expected to provide encouragement and praise to other swimmers.

Parents are responsible for supervising swimmers before and after practice, which includes time spent in the locker rooms.  Discipline problems will be dealt with swiftly, whereby coaching staff will take corrective action including, but not limited to, a parent conference, suspension from practice or meets, and/or suspension from the team.

Swim Team members are members of the Eastern Massachusetts YMCA Swim League and of the New England Swimming LSC of United States Swimming.  All members of the team are eligible to compete in YMCA meets, which will consist of invitational meets, dual meets and championship meets.  In order to participate in NE swimming meets, swimmers need to be registered members of United States Swimming.  This is optional and requires payment of additional fees.

YMCA Dual meets:
There are approximately five (5) scheduled dual meets a season, which are usually held on Saturdays beginning in late November.  All swimmers are expected to attend and stay on deck until the entire meet is over.

YMCA Championship Meets:
(Eastern Mass Districts, New England's, YWCA Nationals, YMCA Nationals)
These meets all have qualifying standards which get progressively faster each year.  Swimmers are highly encouraged to attend these meets if the swimmer has met the qualifying standards.

  • Please click on the Directions link above for directions to meets and practice sites.

  • Please click on Schedules link above for practice dates and times.

  • Have questions about the Swim Team, and/or need additional information?  Please contact:

    • Stoughton Branch (781) 341-2016 - North Team

    • Central Branch (508) 583-2155 - North Team

    • Easton Branch (508) 238-9758 - North Team
    • East Bridgewater Branch (508) 378-3913 - South Team

    • Middleboro Branch (508) 947-1390 - South Team

    • Taunton Branch (508) 823-3320 - South Team