Boys Assessment and Stabilization in Brockton

The Old Colony Y Boys Assessment and Stabilization Unit (BASU) provides residential care for 25 adolescent males who are either recently committed to the Department of Youth Services and need to receive assessment services, or else have already been assessed here or elsewhere and need short-term stabilization in a structured environment.

Our program has a dual purpose.  First, we are responsible for conducting DYS-approved assessments of youths' needs and risks.  Second, we provide a psycho-educational environment that encourages and promotes behavioral changes.  Over the 20-plus years of our program's operation, our assessment methods have grown more sophisticated and our treatment philosophies have become better tailored to the characteristics of our residents, allowing us to design innovative programs to help youths understand and move past individual difficulties and develop positive behaviors.

The BASU's dual responsibilities of assessment services and therapeutic environment work in tandem and augment one another.  Our structured, stable program model, incorporating promising techniques including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and New Freedom, encourages residents to bond with staff, maximizes program safety, and effectively uses principles of behavior management.  These program environmental factors improve our staff's relationship with our residents and thereby enhance residents' overall responsiveness to the assessment process.  At the same time, program elements including DBT and New Freedom create an effective environment for youths to move forward in understanding and changing their behaviors.

To learn more about the Boys Assessment and Stabilization Unit, contact Jay Olsen, Executive Director, at (508) 583-1875.