Child Welfare

Serving those most at risk

Since 1887, the Old Colony YMCA has offered outstanding programs providing wellness, fitness, organized sports, childcare, mentoring, youth development, and social services to youth and families residing throughout Southeastern Massachusetts.  Dedicated to providing services to children living in at-risk environments, we implement programs that respond to youth whose needs are complicated and extensive, and which serve to help youth prepare for the transition to adulthood.

Youth social service programs include detention, treatment facilities, and services for court-involved youth, funded primarily by state and municipal contracted agencies.  We also provide support and treatment to adolescents through diagnostic assessment services; transition to independent living programs; community development and outreach programs including street outreach services; a licensed mental health clinic; family stabilization and advocacy services for adolescents; community monitoring services; Big Sister Big Brother mentoring services; and award winning YouthBuild programs located in Brockton and Fall River.

Since opening our first Department of Youth Services program in 1972, the Old Colony YMCA has been a key partner with various departments within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in providing clinical, residential, educational, and recreational services for at-risk youth.  Our allies and partners in the courts, social services, vocational training/recreational services, private sector, faith communities, and local government provide additional access to a wide range of community resources for the youth we serve.

As our long history of service delivery to at-risk youth continues to evolve, the Old Colony YMCA will demonstrate our continuing investment in adolescents by enhancing specific principles in these unique program offerings and adapting to the individualized needs of our clientele - thereby continuing to build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities.

For additional information on Social Services programming, please contact:

  • Kenneth Klier
    Senior Vice President, Social Services
    (508) 897-1224

  • Joanne Mathews
    Senior Vice President, Program Development/Quality Assurance
    (508) 897-1279

  • Thomas W. Dunse
    Vice President, Clinical Services
    (508) 990-1902 or (508) 324-0473