BOKS helps kids kickstart their brains.

We know all the statistics: Kids today are spending more time than ever in front of the computer, playing video games, and watching TV.

At school, physical education classes and recess have been drastically reduced and in some cases, eliminated altogether. Nutritious home-cooked meals have been replaced by quick, easy, and less-expensive processed foods.

BOKS (Build Our Kids Success) is a fitness program based on the book of Dr. John Ratey of Harvard Medical School, “Spark”, which states “exercise it the single most powerful tool that we have to optimize the function of our brain. There have been a number of studies, which support that increased physical activity helps increase intelligence scores, one being a case study on exercise and the brain in Naperville, Illinois.

We start off with a quick overview of the morning, warm up, introduce the skill of the week, a running related activity and then a relay or tag game. We finish it off with a quick 5 minute or so BOKS Bit, which talks about nutrition and healthy eating and choices. The kids are running and having a great time for 40 minutes and then dismissed to their classrooms.

The program is run by school and community volunteers and a team leader. It’s a great way to get involved in a great program and for parents to learn about healthy living with their children.

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